The 5 Coolest Live Music Venues in West Hollywood

Big crowd at a concert watching the band perform on stage

West Hollywood is the number one place in L.A. for music and nightlife.  Our beloved neighborhood offers everything from large-capacity arenas and intimate coffee shop stages, to laid-back lounges, jazz halls and rock clubs. So, how do you know which venues to go to and which ones to skip? Read on for our list of the top five coolest live music venues near Domain WeHo Apartments.

The Viper Room

This chic yet grungy music venue is one of the most iconic spots for live music in Los Angeles. It rocks a discreet profile with a maximum capacity of 250 people, so it feels very exclusive. Some of its most famous acts over its 25 year history include Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Stone Temple Pilots, Oasis, Iggy Pop, Pearl Jam, and many more. For us over at Domain WeHo Apartments, we love the history and present-day soul of The Viper Room.

The Troubadour

Host to nearly every genre of popular music, The Troubadour has seen artists like Elton John, Guns N’ Roses, Radiohead, and the Eagles at the beginning of their respective careers. The inside is standing room and general admission on the floor with seated balconies above, so you to choose how up-close and personal you want your concert experience to be.

The Roxy

The Roxy shot to superstardom when it premiered the first showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the early 70s. Famous songsters like John Lennon and Alice Cooper used to frequent On the Rox, the small bar above The Roxy. This Sunset Strip club can hold 500 people but it’s standing room only. The intimate size of the space means  you can see the stage from any spot in the room.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is a famous landmark and architectural masterpiece made of huge, curving stainless steel and glass panels. The building is renowned for its acoustic integrity and clarity thanks to some clever sound engineering work by Japanese concert hall designer, Yasuhisa Toyota. And its sophisticated exterior mirrors the sophistication of its interior. Check out L.A.’s own Philharmonic Orchestra for an elegant dose of culture and classical music.

The Wiltern

The Wiltern was originally designed in the early 30s as a multi-tiered movie theater. Now the Art Deco wonder operates as a concert venue with seated balcony space and an open floor that’s typically standing and general admission. The space seems much larger than it is, which means that your experience won’t feel too crowded or claustrophobic. Bonus: the two vertical neon signs that flank the theater’s marquee are even more stunning and bright in person. If you go, we highly recommend you snap a pic for the ‘gram.

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