Hidden Halloween Treasures: Thrifting for Costumes in WeHo

Spooky neon vintage sign outside a thrift store window in West Hollywood

Halloween is only two weeks away – do you know what you’re going to be? That’s the hundred dollar question floating around our New Apartments in West Hollywood, but rest easy! We’re here to help you nab the perfect getup for this year’s festivities (and for way less than a c-note, too). While there are plenty of party stores and seasonal pop-up shops near Domain WeHo West Hollywood, you can’t beat L.A.’s selection of vintage boutiques and consignment stores for scoring a creative DIY Halloween costume.

The best part about buying costumes from a thrift store is mixing new, secondhand and vintage pieces to craft a guaranteed unique look, no matter what kind of party you end up at. Sometimes, just browsing through the racks can spark an idea for a quirky outfit – whether you’re going for spooky, sexy, or spotlight-stealing. Getting your costume from a thrift store is a greener option, too. It’s better for the planet to buy pre-owned and you’ll likely avoid wasteful packaging altogether.

So, get your creative juices flowing and read on for our six favorite thrift stores near Domain WeHo Apartments you should check out this Halloween season. Though you might have to do a little more scrounging around than usual, the “find” will be worth it. Happy thrifting, everyone!


Filth Mart – vintage clothing store in West Hollywood

A trip to Filth Mart is a must-visit for anyone thrifting for a Halloween costume. It’s a great spot to pick up old-school band tees and leather goods at any time of the year, and their affordable and eclectic collection of artwork makes it a fun place to find all kinds of wacky gadgets and garments.


Out of the Closet – thrift store benefiting patients with HIV/AIDS

The display window at Out of the Closet on Sunset Boulevard is as bright and colorful as its name suggests, and we’re completely enamored by it. Every purchase made here directly benefits the AIDS Healthcare Foundation so you can shop for a good cause and look totally fabulous this Halloween season.


Tried and True Co. – rare vintage and 90s grunge finds

This sensational secondhand spot is best for unique 90s fashion and complex costumes for both guys and girls. So, if you’re going as Sloane Peterson from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and you’re in desperate need of Ray Ban sunnies and a slouchy white fringe jacket, this is your go-to spot.


Wasteland – affordable vintage on Melrose Ave.

Picture this: you’re going to the WeHo Halloween Costume Carnaval as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and you really need a Givenchy LBD, but you don’t know where to find one on the cheap. Not to worry – Wasteland always has plenty of designer treasures in stock, along with lots of vintage and indie-chic labels.


Decades – “neo” vintage and modern designer nirvana

Decades is one of the finest pre-Y2K designer resale boutiques in the world and one of the only to land its own reality show on Bravo. This Chanel- and Hermes-filled space is best known for its mind-blowing $150 designer shoe sales, which is great news if you’re dressing up as Carrie Bradshaw…


The Way We Wore – ultimate vintage boutique for clothes and accessories

Our last selection may be on the higher-end spectrum, but for good reason. Shopping at The Way We Wore is almost like taking a class in fashion history with all the Victorian-era womenswear and inspiration gallery displays to drool over. Count on finding at least one sparkly bangle (or two) to liven up your Elvira look.

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