5 Absolutely Awesome Halloween Cocktails

Photo of spooky drinks this Halloween

What do you do when it’s October 31 and you live at the Best Apartments in West Hollywood? You throw a rockin’ rooftop Halloween house party, of course! No proper party is complete without some cool cocktails, and Halloween is the perfect excuse to really have some fun and get creative with your boozy concoctions. We at Domain WeHo West Hollywood took it upon ourselves to stir up and taste test cocktails of all flavors in order to find the yummiest and spookiest drinks to impress your party guests at your upcoming haunted holiday bash. Read on for our top five devilishly delicious drinks – guaranteed to raise a few spirits. Enjoy!


Cotton Candy Shots

Cotton candy and vodka

Cotton candy shots from Delish

Who says cotton candy is just for kids? The vodka from this shot will dissolve the cotton candy into pure liquid sugar, so you can dip it in and have a taste, or just toss it back and let the candy melt in your mouth. Grab the simple recipe from Delish.


Glow-in-the-Dark Shots

Glowing Jello-O shots for Halloween

Spooky, glowy Jello-O shots from Tipsy Bartender

Throwing a black light party? Then glowing Jell-O shots should be right up your alley. They’re easy to make and don’t require any special ingredients to get that fun ghostly glow effect. Watch how to make them at Tipsy Bartender and if you’re feeling extra creative, turn your shots into edible eyeballs with some icing gel.


Candy Corn Cocktail

Candy corn cocktail for Halloween

Candy corn in drink form by The Spruce

Is there a more polarizing confection out there than candy corn? People seem to either love it or hate it, but everyone can agree that Halloween is decidedly candy corn season. If you and your party guests are on #TeamCandyCorn, you might want to try the cocktail version here. It requires some prep time, but it’s surprisingly fancy and a little crazy – perfect for a party cocktail.

Black Magic Margaritas

Black magic margartias for Halloween

Scary good margaritas from Delish

A bit of food coloring transforms an otherwise normal margarita into something that looks like it was dredged up from a swamp (or maybe a witch’s cauldron). Garnish the rim with a little bit of black cocktail sugar and you’ll have turned a familiar favorite into a Halloween home run. Get the recipe here.


Mr. Hyde’s Potion

Vodka Halloween cocktail

Vodka and blackberry liqueur cocktail from HGTV

Speaking of swamps and cauldrons, this wouldn’t be a true Halloween cocktail rundown without featuring at least one recipe that uses dry ice for a spooky fog effect. This version from HGTV is especially good and unlike most cloyingly sweet punch drinks, it’s a respectable cocktail in its own right. Don’t let the fun presentation fool you – this bevvy is full of premium ingredients and herbaceous flavors. Cheers!

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