How to Become a Freelancing Ninja

Woman working from home on her laptop

Show of hands – who here wants to be their own boss? You’re not alone. A recent study found that 63% of millennials either own a small business or plan to someday. Of those not already entrepreneurs, 55% identified as wanting to become one in the near future. To make that happen, some people use the skills they already have and become freelancers. With the right perspective and determination, starting your own freelance business from the comfort of your Apartment in West Hollywood might make sense for you, too. If you’re thinking about taking the leap, here are a few proven tips on how to become a freelancing ninja.

Be Good at Something

Starting out as a freelancer can be tough. It’ll be a whole lot easier if you’re really good at what you do and enjoy doing it. The extra skill will help you stand out from the pack, and the extra passion will help make the potentially long hours easier.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Freelancing doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. You can always start slow by doing it on the side. Of course this approach might mean some extra work on your part, but it guarantees a stable income and allows you to test the waters to see if freelancing is actually something you enjoy. You’ll have time to leverage your existing network of friends, family and colleagues to build your business slowly – just make sure your current employer is cool with it to avoid problems.

Show Off

A portfolio website is the perfect canvas to showcase your best work. Use an affordable website service (there are lots out there – Squarespace and Wix are great) to display projects that you’re proud of, services you have to offer, and testimonials and recommendations that will impress potential clients.

Embrace the Hustle

Even if you’re the best in your field, there’s no guarantee that clients will come knocking on your door right away. Use all of your contacts, meetup groups, and relevant seminars/conferences to find potential clients. Networking is key. Don’t be afraid of cold calling to drum up business either. Take the initiative and talk to local businesses if you think they could benefit from your services.

Be Tenacious

When it comes down to it, securing freelance work is all a numbers game. The more potential clients you connect with, the more likely you’ll find consistent work. If you have an in-demand skill set (like graphic design or writing) and a strong brand that sets you apart from the competition, there’s no doubt you’ll succeed in the world of freelancing like so many others have before you. Get out there and good luck!

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