Domain WeHo Solves Your Dinner Dilemma

Photo collage of local eateries

Picture this: you just got home to your apartment at Domain WeHo after a very long day at the office, and you’re starving. You open your stainless-steel GE refrigerator only to find a sad collection of half-used condiment bottles and last weekend’s leftover pizza growing stale in a greasy box. You NEED to eat dinner, but you don’t have the energy, much less the time, to go shopping.

The solution?

Domain West Hollywood’s very own grocery delivery service via our on-site retailer,!

Those who live in West Hollywood know there are about a million fun things to do other than go grocery shopping. That’s why we partnered up with Yummy – the fastest and most reliable shelf-to-door delivery system in the whole city.

Rather than a tedious trip to the old-fashioned grocery store, Yummy lets you skip the traffic, the crowds, and the long check-out lines with quality produce and freshly-prepared meals from awesome brands delivered straight to your door, in 30 minutes or less.

So how does it work and how can you, a resident at Domain WeHo, take advantage of this exclusive partnership? It’s easy. Simply create an account at – Hollywood, browse the selection of fresh produce, fresh meat, packaged and organic food, beer, wine and liquor, add your favorite items to your cart, and voilà! Your entire order will be at your front door within a half hour. No exceptions.

Now how’s that for convenience? From all of us here at Domain West Hollywood apartments, you’re welcome.

Bon Appétit!


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