Domain WeHo Does Brunch

Those who live in apartments in West Hollywood know that the food scene is abundant. But for brunch in West Hollywood, Domain WeHo does it best. When we say we do it best, what we really mean is that we know all the best spots for your Sunday mimosa and Eggs Benedict. And we’re smitten with the newest spot in town, the Doheny Room on Santa Monica Boulevard. This space is to the nines with class and style, from the massive center bar to surrounding sofas on the first floor. Then, on the second floor, you’ll find a smaller bar with a private balcony that overlooks downstairs. The place is hung floor to ceiling with celebrity portraits. Mick Jagger and David Bowie are among the icons, which are accented by stunning finishes.

Enough about the décor, it’s the food that won us over. Chef Danny Elmaleh debuted a brunch menu that features a global-perspective on egg dishes. From kimchi fried rice with grilled bacon to Greek omelets to truffle mushroom toast to pasta carbonara, the menu is unlike anything we at Domain WeHo have seen. And we like it.

Our favorite dish? The avocado toast with roasted beets. It’s a Sunday must-have and pairs well with our morning coffee. But when it’s an endless mimosa kind of Sunday, we recommend the double breakfast burger. If we’re talking about the appetites of apartments in West Hollywood, it’s safe to say that Domain We has the most sophisticated.

We’ll see you there this Sunday.

Brunch done right at Domain WeHo.


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