11 Simple Ways to Live Green(er)

Woman commuting on bicycle

Ready, Set, Go Green!

We at Domain West Hollywood Apartments firmly believe that ‘going green’ doesn’t have to cost a lot of green. Living with an eco-conscious mindset means more than installing solar panels, buying hybrid cars, or eating expensive organic foods. It means practicing simple green habits on a daily basis. Lucky for you, Domain WeHo knows a thing or two about eco-friendly living without blowing the budget, or your day-to-day routine.

Read on for a handful of easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint and pocket a few extra bucks each month! (Are we the best apartments in Los Angeles, or what?)

Drive less, walk & bike more
Not all of us can afford to drive electric or hybrid vehicles, but we can make an effort to drive less. Whenever possible, skip the L.A. traffic and try walking to the grocery store, telecommuting, or riding your bike into the office. And at the end of each day, stash your trusty fixie inside the dedicated bike storage area. (For Domain WeHo residents only!)

Unplug (literally)
Remember to unplug your electronic devices and appliances when they’re not charging or in use. Leaving them plugged in triggers a “phantom load” and can drive up your energy bill substantially.

Longer-lasting lights
Compact fluorescent light bulbs are a thing of the past. Upgrade your CFLs to long-lasting LED bulbs! You’ll save money on replacement costs and take fewer trips to the hardware store.

Just say no to plastic bags
When heading out to the grocery store, remember to bring reusable bags. Avoid adding extra plastic to the landfill and store reusable bags inside your trunk so you’re always prepared.

Homemade household cleaners
Store-bought cleaners sometimes contain chemicals that are toxic to your health and damaging to the environment. Instead, opt for an inexpensive, easy-to-make DIY household cleaner using water, baking soda, and vinegar.

Paper towels in moderation
Try to use paper towels sparingly and instead grab a washable cloth for cleaning up spills.

Recycle & compost
Hopefully you’re already recycling… If not, it’s never too late to start sorting through those glass, plastic and cardboard containers! Food waste can quickly pile up, too. Instead of tossing out your scraps and leftovers, save everything and start composting. You (and your houseplants) will love the nutrient-rich fertilizer it produces.

Guilt-free showers
Long showers may be relaxing, but they waste gallons and gallons of water. Try installing a low-flow showerhead and faucet aerators to save water and money.

Cold water > hot water
Heating water for the wash cycle eats up a lot of energy. Instead, use cold water only. The brand-new washing machines inside each apartment at Domain West Hollywood are powerful enough to fight stains without heat.

Turn it off
Even in “sleep mode,” your computer consumes energy. Whether at home or the office, be sure to power down everything, even the monitor.

Buy local
It’s a simple fact: local food is fresher, tastier and better for you. Committing to purchase only regionally-grown produce also means less travel and shipping, thereby reducing overall fuel emissions. So support your local farmers, save energy, and eat more seasonal food at its peak of freshness!

Looking for local places to shop? Check out Yelp for a list of farmers’ markets right in our very own backyard.

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