Domain WeHo Solves Your Dinner Dilemma

Picture this: you just got home to your apartment at Domain WeHo after a very long day at the office, and you’re starving. You open your stainless-steel GE refrigerator only to find a sad collection of half-used condiment bottles and last weekend’s leftover pizza growing stale in a greasy box. You NEED to eat dinner, but you don’t have the energy, much less the time, to go shopping.

The solution?

Domain West Hollywood’s very own grocery delivery service via our...

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Domain West Hollywood: Best Neighborhood Bars

Life lived near Santa Monica Boulevard means that you never run out of food to grub or cocktails to guzzle. You have everything within walking distance from Domain West Hollywood, and there’s something here for...

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Domain WeHo Does Brunch

Those who live in apartments in West Hollywood know that the food scene is abundant. But for brunch in West Hollywood, Domain WeHo does it best. When we say we do it best, what we really mean is that we know all the best spots for...

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Close up of chandelier in Domain WeHo

To The Nines: Domain West Hollywood

Live Life to the Nines at Domain WeHo

At Domain WeHo, we believe that to do something right, is to do it to the nines. But what does that saying really mean? For us, it means living life fully – playfully – and...

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Back to the Basics Once More

A French 75, the Domain WeHo Way

Today, we’re popping open the bubbly and toasting to one of our favorite old Hollywood cocktails: the French 75, or as they say in French, a Soixante Quinze...

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